(hate) Evaluating software?

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One Tool

One tool to compare them all

Combing through websites, sitting through software demos, and filling out comparison spreadsheets is painful. Clearfind uses a robust AI to deeply understand the features, capabilities, and integrations of any software

Collaborative consensus

Collaborative consensus

Evaluating software can feel chaotic with so many stakeholders. Clearfind gathers feedback from your teams and neatly summarizes the findings. Ensure every voice is heard and reach consensus rapidly.

Right product, right price

Right product, right price

Don’t just see the price. Don’t just see the features. See them together so you see the value. Get the most from the product you choose.

What people are saying

Clearfind saved me three times the cost of their product within the first 7 days. We have never seen this depth of analysis nor speed of consensus in a software project

Joseph Couture

Vice President of IT at Atlantic Power Corporation

Clearfind just works, their data enables me to make better, smarter decisions. It genuinely knows a software's features better than any human could, more than the vendors do.

Steve Rubman

Head of IT @ Clearview Healthcare Partners

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