One tool. All the data.

The world's first software consolidator.

Area of focus

1. Choose your area of focus

Share your consolidation goals and we’ll do the heavy lifting analyzing your options.

Simple ways to start include:

  • Two or more products to compare
  • A category of software (eg ERP)
  • A business unit (eg marketing software)

2. Kickoff your evaluation in seconds

Quickly cross-reference functionality between tools using our pre-defined features for every product.

Common goals include: 

  • Ensure key capabilities are present
  • Clear view of consolidation options (overlap, under-utilized, etc)
  • Confidence in your final "product bake off" recommendations

3. Give every stakeholder a voice

With your consolidation priorities in hand, Clearfind sends usage assessments to measure usage, satisfaction, and criticality.

Clients typically find:

  • Gathering feedback is fast
  • Easy to use means more participation
  • Robust data means a complete comparison

4. Consensus without committees

No more failed consolidations due to lack of consensus. Make confident decisions that get approved using transparent, objective data.

What this means:  

  • Finance budget signoff
  • Security clearance signoff
  • Departmental signoff

5. With clear consensus comes clear consolidations

With capabilities, user satisfaction, and budget all neatly reported, decision making is simple.

Clearfind gifts you an easy, repeatable process for consolidating software.