About Clearfind

Why We Care About How You Pick Software

and why you should too

James Layfield
James Layfield
CEO and Co-founder
Jocelyn Rodriguez
Jocelyn Rodriguez
COO and Co-founder
Paul Franzen
Paul Franzen
Head of Engineering

In January 2019 Jocelyn, Paul & James were reflecting on our collective frustrations at the software industry from our time working for BBVA, Bloomberg, and Barclays...

  • Why was it so hard to find out what software actually does without going through a ridiculous SaaS sales funnel?
  • Why was every source of information biased? You do know that people pay to be in a "magic quadrant", or to be listed on G2, right?
  • Why are people in multi-billion dollar corporations resorting to "phone a friend" to pick a new software tool?
  • Why Excel is clearly not the best way to collaborate on choosing your next software!
  • Why is $30b wasted a year on failed software projects?
  • Why are there so many disappointed buyers? (if you are looking at this you are most likely one)

The way people evaluate software needed a rethink.

After working in digital for some of the world’s best know companies, we decided to create the tool we wish we had back then. An innovative way to help our peers achieve confident, unbiased evaluations for new software and consolidations.

The result is Clearfind.